The Advantages of Hunter SRS Sprinklers

Hunter SRS sprinklers offer many advantages to homeowners looking to improve the quality of their landscaping. Hunter SRS sprinklers offer a strong and yet cost-efficient spray regardless of installed nozzle. You can even install adjustable arc nozzles that have been specially made for use in tandem with the SRS line. Hunter SRS sprinklers feature very durable construction is made possible by a rugged, flat body cap. These sprinklers are effective not only for strength but also for complete coverage. This is due to a no-flow-by-wiper seal that lets allows for low water pressure management as well as high-pressure control.

Most of the Hunter SRS sprinklers are compatible with all female-threaded nozzles on the market. Additional benefits of these sprinklers are in the powerful design, the brawny stainless steel spring mechanism, which allows for reliable retraction, and the UV-resistant wiper seal. With these added strengths, SRS sprinklers can stand up to heavy traffic and perform for a long life even with a wide variety of water pressures. The standard side inlet allows for convenience in use, while the ratcheting riser allows for quick pattern alignment.

Last but not least, you have to consider the price of the SRS spray sprinkler as an advantage. Hunter SRS sprinklers sell for cheap; for example, a Hunter SRS-12″ Pop-up Spray Head costs approximately $8.00 and be used with a variety of nozzles, as is the intention of Hunter when they made the SRS lines. The SRS line has precipitation rates at about 1.5 inches per hour, and the recommended pressure range is 15 to 70 psi. When it comes to quality, durability and versatility, Hunter SRS sprinklers are one of the best sprinkler products you can buy.

Hunter Industries manufacturers these products, along with valves, pop-up gear-driven rotors, and central controllers. Hunter Industries has been the number one company in the world for sprinklers ever since its successful launch of the PGP sprinkler in 1981. Since then all of their designs have been regularly updated for the market, which consistently demands new technology but still built with the classic designs of the past. If you are interested in Hunter sprinklers look for a retailer online or contact the company to find out where you can buy products in your area.

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