Samsung UE40D7000 Review

Samsung offers one of its newest models in LED televisions which is the Samsung 40D7000. The Samsung UE40D7000 strives to make its first great impact with its modernized and elegant design that it carries. The spectacular construction of the ultra slim design has made this LED TV an appealing visual treat for the eye. An ultra clear panel accompanies the wonderfully features of the back-lights this LED television offers. The 40-inch display of the Samsung UE40D7000YU gives you that nice, subtle, yet intriguing picture when watching movies. samsung au7700

The video quality that the Samsung UE40D7000 delivers will blow you away. A High Def resolution of 1080p capability brings you the crisp and clean picture quality into your living room like never before. Choose from the many HD resolutions which are 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The wide color plus enhancer on the Samsung UE40D7000YUXXU TV only adds to the movie watching experience like never before. You can have the ability to have the preset picture modes ready for whatever you will be watching, such as sports, movies, live broadcasting or for that great gaming experience.

Along with the great high def picture resolution the Samsung 40D7000 gives you, enjoy the highest quality of 3D available in the market today. An amazing 3D picture is made possible with the 3D hyper-real engine giving you the best picture quality. The clear motion refresh rate is at a phenomenal speed of 800 hertz which gives it that extra added high quality realistic picture. The audio rendition of the Samsung UE40D7000 is one that will help to complement the 3D and high def quality features this LED TV offers.

One the first great features of the Samsung 40D7000 is its Dolby Digital surround sound audio features that will complement the High Def quality of this Samsung LED TV. To further enhance this you can take advantage of the SRS Theater Sound High Def that takes the surround sound system to a whole different level. The DTS 2.0 carries a digital out along with a sound output of 10W x 2 which emphasizes your surround sound with a great quality of amplification. The Samsung 40D7000 LED television also includes a remote control, batteries, an ultra slim wall mount support, power cable and a pedestal stand support.

The Samsung UE40D7000 also offers the capability of wireless networking – perfect for browsing the internet. However for best results have your internet connection hard-wired with the Ethernet cable input for a faster connectivity onto the internet. You can have your favorite TV shows and movies streaming at just a few clicks of a button with the internet capabilities of this Samsung television offers. You can also connect your headphones or PC mini jack audio input and a PC in D-sub connection input that comes with your Samsung 40D7000 LED television.

The Samsung 40D7000 has a great assortment of inputs and outputs to enhance the way you watch television. The Samsung UE40D7000 carries component input and there is also the digital optical out that will give you that flawless cinematic experience. You will also find a DVI in, which is commonly used for your PC inputs. The 4 HDMI inputs that come with the Samsung will be able to give you the HD quality you have always wanted.

With all of the features the Samsung UE40D7000 carries, it will surely give you the best cinematic experience you and your family will be able to enjoy.


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