Power Washing Construction Company Truck Tires – A Good Pressure Washing Gig

Often construction companies during the winter season end up with lots of mud on their vehicles leaving a job site. During the excavation phase there are big tractors and heavy equipment coming in and out of the construction site sometimes even getting stuck in the mud, and then they go out and drive onto the street. If you want to see a totally angry city manager or code paving company near me  enforcement officer, then just sit in your car near the roadway that meets a construction site while it’s raining. What’s the answer to this?

Well, the answer is for the construction company to buy a big pressure washer with a giant plastic water tank, put the set-up on a trailer, and power wash each and every piece of equipment leaving the job site slinging mud up the tires as they drive away for the next 2 to 5 miles. Of course, not every construction company has a power washing crew, and therefore if you own a pressure washing company this is a good contract to pick up. In fact, the money is so good because you will have a crew sitting there cleaning the vehicles that leave the property, during all of their business hours.

You might go as much as an hour without cleaning anything, but then you will be busy the rest of the time. This is good because generally speaking when it is raining and there is lots of mud on the construction sites, there isn’t is much other work to do anyway. This is a great rain or shine account to hook up with. You might even be able to bill hourly, which I advise rather than the number of units that you clean. If you are billing at 60 or $80 per hour for two guys to sit there and do the power washing that unit can make money all day, for as long as it takes them to finish the various phases of their construction, until they are able to pave the road and parking lot on the actual site.

Indeed, I can recall having our crews sitting on job sites for three months at a time every single day, and billing a huge amount each month. If you are in the pressure washing industry, you need to start thinking about working with the construction industry to clean truck tires as those trucks come back onto the roadway, otherwise they will make a mess. The construction company doesn’t have a choice, they have to hire your or get into trouble with the city. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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