Is Inghams chicken Halal?

Inghams is believed to be one of Australia’s biggest processing facilities for chickens and also has Halla chicken. It is the Australian chicken meat Federation has claimed the plant. Inghams provides poultry in the form of Coles and Woolworths, which has nearly 50% of its chicken and meat inventory from Muslim slaughter houses, meaning that they are able to provide Halal food products. With the rising number to Muslims in Australia The government has allowed all Muslim communities to comply in their religious freedom and permit them to access their Halal meat and chicken and, as a result, most of the major eateries like KFC have Halal chicken. More on

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Is Ingham chicken Halal? Woolworths?

Ingham Chicken is partly halal.

Is steggles crumbed chicken halal?

At Steggles we are able to guarantee that our poultry are without the use of steroids and hormones. Are Steggles products Halal? The chicken we sell is Halal. However, some products that contain marinades, crumbs or other ingredients could contain ingredients that aren’t Halal.

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