How to Create Your Own Custom Mechanical Keyboard

If you want to create your own custom mechanical keyboard, there are a few things you custom mechanical keyboard need to know. Firstly, you need to know what kind of PCB you’re going to need. The PCB is the part that makes all the switches work. It should light up and register each key when pressed. If it doesn’t, there are a few options available. You can either replace the PCB or lubricate it. Generally, lubricating the PCB will improve the feel of the switches.
Drop’s Sense75

The SENSE75 Barebones keyboard offers only the essentials and was designed over two years to provide enthusiasts with the components and build quality they demand. Its sleek design, minimal keycaps, and simple layout make it ideal for any desktop. Drop’s SENSE75 mechanical keyboard is ideal for beginners and experienced users alike, and is available in black or white, as well as in a variety of color combinations.

The SENSE75 features a 75% layout, gasket-mounted switches, and a volume knob. It also has a per-key RGB underglow and a PCB-mount stabilizer. The keyboard is also available in either black or e-white.
Keychron Q3 QMK

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard with exceptional build quality, look no further than the Keychron Q3. The Q3 is made with solid aluminum chassis and a metal base plate that shows no signs of flex. The keyboard features Gateron G Pro Brown switches that are quiet. They are also very comfortable to use during long typing sessions. The Q3 also features a sound-absorbing foam that helps minimize noise while typing.

The Q3 is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It features a mode switch on the rear for selecting the right keyboard for the platform you’re using. It also features Windows and Mac Command and Option keys, so you can use your favorite keyboard shortcuts with ease.

The Drop CTRL is a mechanical keyboard from TenKeyLess, which features a solid metal baseplate and aluminum frame. It uses Cherry MX Brown switches, which are quiet and feel light to the touch. The keyboard also has full RGB backlighting, with individual lighting on each key. It’s also hot-swappable for additional customization.

Drop keyboards feature open source QMK firmware, which allows you to change key functions and LED color. It also has two USB type-C connectors, which are capable of up to USB 2.0 speeds.
Drop Sense75

The Drop SENSE75 is one of the newest editions to the Drop custom mechanical keyboard line. This keyboard has an aircraft-grade aluminum body and features Holy Panda X switches, per-key RGB lighting, and hot-swappable sockets. Additionally, it features a color-matched rotary knob and aluminum keycaps.

Aside from RGB LEDs, the Drop Sense75 also has three on-board buttons. The underside of the keyboard features diffusers that help improve lighting levels. Additionally, the keyboard’s hot-swap switches allow for switch replacement. Its gasket-mounting technology should improve keyboard bounce and sound quality.

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