Factors to Consider When Choosing Between SEO Article Writing Services

SEO article writing involves the writing of keyword-optimized articles with links at the resource box at the end and submitting them to article submission directories. People who like what is written will follow the call to action and click on the link pointing to your website. This writing is best done by a professional. There are many SEO article writing service to choose from, some better than others. Making the choice between these companies is not always easy. There are several factors that you should consider to ensure you are getting the best company.

1) Track record: The track record of the SEO article writing service is one of the most important considerations. You could get this information by asking for a portfolio of past clients from the company and calling them. Other options are reading customer testimonials, reading posts in discussion forums, and reading independent reviews. Yet other options are checking with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well as other consumer protection agencies and checking with the local chamber of commerce. When looking at the track record, go through the websites that the company has helped optimize for search engines.

2) Training and experience of best essay writing service reddit the staff: Good SEO article writing services have well-trained and experienced staff. The employees should have trained in accredited institutions and should preferably be members of professional associations. Members of professional associations have to follow strict codes of ethics.

3) Timeliness and guarantees: Consider the time it takes for the company to start writing your articles. Go for a company that does not have too much on its in tray since that would mean full attention will not be given to your SEO campaign: Equally important is checking the guarantees put in place. Avoid SEO article writing services that do not have result-based payment options.

4) Additional services on offer: An effective SEO campaign is one that incorporates different SEO techniques. Other than this writing, the service should offer such services as PR distribution, blog commenting, and guest blogging.

5) Tactics employed: Black Hat SEO tactics like cloaking and spamdexing could get your website banned while Gray Hat SEO tactics like duplicate content are never effective. Go for SEO article writing services that do not submit the same article to different article submission directories.


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