Convert Pounds to Kilograms

The metric system is now an indispensable part in our lives – especially in the health care infrastructure. Kilograms, by the way, is a general metric unit method used to document the weight of patients on their respective medical records.

However, drawing the example of the health care infrastructure is just to clarify the importance of kilograms. But knowing how you can convert pounds to kilograms is today an essential math skill.

In other words, you should know how to convert the general measurement unit of metric system (i.e. kilogram) to pounds could be piece of cake if you just keep in mind a few quick tips. Let us get ready with a piece of paper, pencil, calculator and some basic know-how!

Firstly, let us see what a kilogram Kilogram to Slug stands for. It is the unit in metric systems which measures mass. Let us get back to the example of the health sector… a kilogram can be used as the unit for measuring the mass of a patient. There are exactly 2.2 pounds in each 1 kilogram. It is a basic rule and can never changes. So you got to memorize it for further use. If you have understood this part, you have successfully grasped the foundation of pounds to kilogram conversion!

You now know there are exactly 2.2 pounds in each and every kilogram, right. Hold that learning in your mind. You will need that for some basic multiplication while converting weight from pounds to kilograms.

Let us take a look at this from the other way around, if you just multiply the kilograms weight by 2.2 for getting your poundage weight, it is done! You have just successfully converted kilograms to pounds… congrats! Similarly, if your divide the poundage weight by 2.2, you will get the equivalent weight in kilograms, get it? It is that simple!

Just check the math:

1 kilogram (or kg) = 2.2 pounds (or lbs)

100 kg. = 220 lbs.

250 kg. = 550 lbs.

1000 kg. = 2200 lbs.

As you might have already noticed, the more you weigh in pounds, the bigger the figure gets. So to have things compact and sweet, you can simply convert pounds to kilograms. At least that is the way things are in the medical science.

Let us get a final reminder, shall we? When you want to convert 1 kilogram into 1 pound:

2.2 pounds (or lbs.) is equal to 1 kilogram (or kg.)

And when you want to convert 1 pound into kilogram, just divide the poundage with 2.2. But if even that does not feel simpler, just multiply the poundage with 0.454, get it?

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