Components of Drama in the Cape

The Cape has recently created ripples in the world of entertainment and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming American one-hour super idol drama series. Though it will be shown as a mid-season replacement but it has recently were able to generate great response among imlie Today Episodest the people. Perfect for the prime time airing the show is sure to attract you off you! A great storyline, brilliant cast along with all the components of perfect drama- it has already were able to grip the attention of many. What makes the super-hero drama so looked forward to is the human touch it has for its characters.

The superhero series to be shown on the NBC for one hour has recently get to be the talk of the town. The Cape has gained so much popularity that you will find it all over the internet and Youtube. Though the story is straightforward but it has suspense all thorough and most im imlie Today Episode portant the difficulties represented in the drama are a perfect representation of reality and it is this that makes the show so popular. You will be able to name yourself with the characters and you will see that the emotional chaos faced by various characters in general much like yours.

It is this process of identifying the general human feeling and the endless good and the bad is what makes the show so popular yet so real. Crime, file corruption and all the facets of negativity represented in the super-drama is an absolute representation of life and this is where it becomes successful. The Cape also has a little fantasy to it and that is the central character- the protagonist himself who is masked as the superhero- The Cape battles the crime and file corruption in our society. The drama upholds the household values once again on earth where such values are fast fading.

Have you ever found yourself watching a random television series on a Philippine funnel? And as the story continues to happen in this episode, do you set out to wonder why the storyline seems so familiar? And then the show stops to give way to a commercial break and you are met with by the title of one of your favorite Korean dramas.

Philippine television areas are very partial to showing original versions of dramas from Korea. Some of them fail, but most of them become really famous among Filipinos. Then after these television areas experience the rewards of showing the right tv program, they decide to squeeze everything they can out of the drama by making a local rebuilding of computer.

Purists will claim that these remakes are no more than poor imitations or bastardized versions of the original Korean drama. However, those who are more open minded claim that all those active in the production and filming of these dramas are able to infuse the local Philippine culture and traditions into the storyline of these dramas.

I am personally on the fencing when it comes to this problem. While I have set to see a Filipino version of a Korean show that is at par or better than the original, I believe that the television areas are slowly getting there. I am talking about if The japanese and Korea made it possible to make excellent remakes of Taiwan’s Meteor Garden then the Philippines surely has the potential to do so as well.

Right now the top two television areas in the Philippines are showing remakes of two of the better Korean dramas in recent years. GMA funnel 7 is showing its performance of Stairs to Heaven, while ABS-CBN funnel 2 is showing its performance of Lovers in Paris, france. I am particularly more partial to the latter because I think they have a better harvest of famous actors.

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